Green Hydrogen Propulsion 


The racing yacht Genuine Risk, a 90’ super-maxi with international race winning pedigree, has been recommissioned and re-launched. This innovative super-maxi will start an exciting new comeback campaign with Genuine Racing and aims to disrupt the yacht racing world for the better.



One of only one five super-maxis currently in Australia and 12 racing globally, Genuine Risk is part of a unique group at the leading edge of yacht racing. Genuine Risk started life as the cutting edge of maxi yacht design and has enjoyed success throughout her career. Genuine Racing is committed to returning Genuine Risk to that role though a host of development projects. Not only to make her faster and lighter but also to showcase sustainability as an asset for race success through the creation of a world first infinite range closed loop nano-photonic solid state green hydrogen fueled electric propulsion system. This is a product that we intend to take to market following onboard trials, in order to eliminate the need for internal combustion propulsion and power generation in the marine environment and meet net zero carbon targets.


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An exciting challenge

Range and weight in marine electric propulsion systems have been the two factors holding back adoption of onboard electric power technology. Genuine Racing offers a solution.


Be part of the adventure

Become a part of this unrivalled opportunity and be a part of creating a sustainable future 


Genuine Racing is looking to talk to like-minded individuals and businesses to share in the successes our sustainable technology program will bring. This could include the opportunity for branding to align your business with a global game changing green solution. Genuine Racing will work alongside a range of ambitious individuals, brands and companies to ensure the success of the partners, the project and the race team.

With each side of the 90’ hull length and 8,000 sq. feet of sails available, Genuine Risk offers partners a vast blank canvas to drive significant social and business returns. We are also very experienced in designing successful sailing partnerships to deliver any given objective.


Share in sailing’s success

with a net-zero carbon racing machine driven by nature alone, leaving behind only a wake, Genuine Racing looks to change the world of yacht racing for the better.


Today, Genuine Risk has a multi-purpose role including not only top-level racing but also as a platform and showcase for sustainability research and technical advancement.


Genuine Racing will be working with industry leaders in sustainable technology from around the world and will be announcing partnerships in the near future. We are offering all interested parties the opportunity to join us on our journey to deliver a successful and truly sustainable racing experience. We would like to talk to all interested potential investor partners and encourage you to contact us to discuss our offering in more detail.


Genuine Risk is currently in Sydney but will travel the world to promote a sustainable green future for yacht racing and anyone else who enjoys our oceans. 

Partners can also offer their guests or employees the chance to be thrilled, learn to work better as teams or simply enjoy themselves on this world leading yacht and one of the fastest on the water.


Designed by Dubois and built by McConaghy in Australia, Genuine Risk is a 90’ canting keel flyer that will continue reset the standard in key areas of development for her class with unique design, innovative technology and record winning speed.

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Race Record

1st        2004    Chicago - Mackinac Race

3rd        2004    Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Regatta

2nd       2005    Rolex Big Boat series

3rd        2005    Transpac

1st        2008    Chicago - Mackinac Race

1st        2010    Newport to Bermuda Race

1st        2011    Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay Race

1st        2011    Overall Antigua Race Week

2nd       2011    St Barth's

1st        2012    Rolex China Sea Race

1st        2013    Hong Kong-Vietnam Race (Record)

1st        2014    Rolex China Sea Race

1st        2014    Okinawa Tokai Race (Record)

1st        2015    Subic Bay to Boracay Race (Record)


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