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More so than most other sports, yacht racing is strongly linked with positive aspirational themes such as purpose, sustainability, adventure, bravery, determination, mindfulness. Elements that capture people's imagination and trigger emotion. Link awareness of your brand to these themes to deliver positive results.

Key Features and Benefits

​Maxi-yachts are a natural platform for branding due to their size, image, physical and digital presence, sustainability and the lure of extreme sport. There is also the ability to relocate these mobile brand platforms to iconic events around the world to be seen by audiences in the millions.

B2B Opportunities

By joining the Genuine Racing family of partners, you will have the advantage of special access to other like minded member companies, with unparalleled B2B marketing and exposure opportunities.


Your brand can be promoted to your chosen target audience through naming rights, full brand livery on the hull and sails, strategic placement of logo and brand images on the boat or clothing and rights to marketing images of the yacht. All to a local and global audience.


Promotional opportunities include the ability to link into the yacht race event activities, promotion and prestige as well as general promotional activities.

Client and Staff Events

Opportunities include social races and cruises for clients, guests and employees to promote team building, and the development of synergies for application back into the workplace.

Guest crewing on high profile races such as Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Sydney Southport or Hamilton Island Race Week.

Participation in delivery cruises, charity races or even a day out with family and friends.


Media opportunities include:

Use of the boat for the creation of television, print media and Internet advertising,

Advertising on the team webpage, with hyperlinks to and from your business’s website,

Exposure on each of the Yacht Race event websites, which in the case of Rolex events links in with Rolex's international promotion of yachting, with its million site hits per year.

Availability of key crewmembers for digital, radio, TV and print media interviews.

Exposure of the brand every time the boat is on the water, beyond just racing.


Genuine Racing is a two boat campaign which offers the opportunity to cover your brand across two markets. Both boats are known in their respective sailing environment. Proven, successful and competitive in their own right, through an ongoing development program they will continue to be for years to come.