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More so than most other sports, yacht racing is strongly linked with positive aspirational themes such as purpose, sustainability, adventure, bravery, determination, mindfulness. Elements that capture people's imagination and trigger emotion. Get involved either yourself or through your brand with these themes to realise positive results.


Key Features and Benefits

​Maxi-yachts are a natural platform for branding due to their size, image, physical and digital presence, sustainability and the lure of extreme sport. There is also the ability to relocate these mobile brand platforms to iconic events around the world to be seen by audiences in the millions.

Hydrogen extraction

Extracting hydrogen from water presents an alternative to fossil fuels. Previous solutions, however, required purified water which is a precious resource and expensive to create.  But scientists have now developed a way to harness seawater, earth’s most abundant source of water, for chemical energy.

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen can be stored on the surfaces of solids (by adsorption) or within solids (by absorption). In adsorption, hydrogen is attached to the surface of a material either as hydrogen molecules or as hydrogen atoms at ambient temperature and pressure. 

Electricity from hydrogen

Hydrogen fuel cells produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The hydrogen reacts with oxygen across an electrochemical cell similar to that of a battery to produce electricity, water and small amounts of heat.


*100% sustainable: green hydrogen does not emit polluting gases either during combustion or production.
*Storable: hydrogen is easy to store, which allows it to be used subsequently for other purposes and at times other than immediately after its production.
*Versatile: green hydrogen can be transformed into electricity or synthetic gas and used for commercial and industrial as well as mobility purposes. 

* Weight: hydrogen/electric propulsion systems can be as much as 30% lighter than internal combustion fossil fuel systems.

B2B Opportunities

By joining the Genuine Racing family of partners, you will have the advantage of special access to other like minded member individuals and companies, with unparalleled B2B marketing and exposure opportunities.



Genuine Racing is preparing a campaign which offers the opportunity to align your brand with a program delivering cutting edge technology in the net zero green sustainability market. Genuine Risk is already known in its sailing environment. Proven, successful and competitive in her own right, through an ongoing development program she will continue to be for years to come.